Every colleague contributes to our overall mission of creating opportunities and changing lives. Working throughout our communities are our dedicated Neighbourhood Services Officers who ensure every customer has an affordable, quality, and safe place to call home.

One of those colleagues is One Vision Housing’s, Carole Flynn, who has kindly provided an insight into how she and her fellow Neighbourhood Services Officers make a real impact for our communities and customers, and how her contribution makes a difference.

By directly engaging with customers, Carole and the team provide invaluable insight into the matters that are important to our communities.

Carole has proudly been part of numerous campaigns to support our customers, including #HereToHelp. The digital campaign has provided a wide range of local and national support services on matters such as reducing energy bills and combatting the rising cost-of-living.

Carole said: “It is vital to ensure our customers have affordable and quality homes they feel safe and comfortable in, and a community they are proud to be part of. The role requires us to listen to our customers, having their voice heard and putting the necessary measures and support packages in place to improve our neighbourhoods and customers lives.”

The cost-of-living campaign has so far provided customers with helpful tips around reducing energy usage and signposting to key support services to assist with the cost of food, energy, school uniforms, and much more. In addition, over 620 customers received vital support from our Financial Inclusion Service, who provide all aspects of welfare and benefit advice to help maximise the income of our tenants.

“I work closely with colleagues of The Sovini Group, in addition to external partners to provide support services for the benefit of the customer. During 2023, I was involved in a wide range of campaigns to further support and benefit our tenants, including our cost-of-living customer initiative.” Carole added.

Furthermore, Carole’s been delighted to be involved in Sovini’s Big Community Christmas, helping thousands of families, individuals and older people to receive vital support thanks to food, care and toy package initiatives. The community initiative supported over 10,000 individuals, and Carole is proud to be part of that.

Carole, alongside her fellow Neighbourhood Services Officers, will continue to work closely with our customers throughout 2024, continuing our mission of creating opportunities and changing lives.

Through Discover our Purpose, we’ll be sharing more colleague case studies, and how their contribution counts, as we strive for a better future.