We’re proud to launch Discover our Purpose; spotlighting our people, communities, impact and partnerships.

The campaign uncovers the four key themes which drive our vision of a better future and mission of creating opportunities and changing lives.

To mark the launch of the campaign, we are proudly sponsoring Cash for Kids Mission Christmas 2023; which supports nearing 500,000 children across the UK each Christmas.

Prior to hitting the region’s radio airwaves today, our colleagues received an exclusive insight to the campaign, with it launching internally just last week, generating excitement and anticipation.

The launch included an event at our forward-thinking co-working space, The Hub which provided colleagues with an opportunity to find out more about the campaign and how they can support the initiative.

In the upcoming months we will delve into each theme, sharing insightful information and stories that highlight the incredible contributions made by our people, noting the impact we make, the communities we work in and the partnerships we proudly hold.

Join us on this inspiring journey as we celebrate our purpose and recognise the pivotal role our colleagues, customers and communities play in creating a better future.

Watch this space for updates, articles and shared experiences that illuminate the diverse Discover our Purpose campaign.

Together, lets create a better future.