The Pride of Sefton is a community focused wide beam canal boat, operated by Sovini Charities, which provides opportunities for passengers to discover Liverpool’s rich heritage by sailing through its hidden waterways.

Available for private hire, the Pride of Sefton is a unique venue for intimate events including wedding anniversaries, baby showers and even wedding celebrations. Income generated by the boat is used to fund concessionary trips for local charitable and community groups.

A leisure trip aboard the Pride of Sefton will see passengers sail through docks located within Liverpool’s UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. On board, passengers can take in the beautiful countryside and urban landscapes between the historic Collingwood and Brunswick Docks in Liverpool. Savouring the breath-taking sights of the majestic Three Graces and the Royal Albert Dock before sailing through Mann Island.

The Pride of Sefton are currently working to expand their service offer by utilising historians and re-enactments on-board to bring history to life, showcasing Liverpool’s unique heritage whilst educating passengers on a variety of subjects including the slave trade, landmark architecture and Liverpool maritime history.

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