In a heartwarming display of community spirit, the Group partnered with An Hour for Others to provide local children with a safe space to call their own.

Conceillia, a single mother of three, always dreamed of creating the perfect home for her children, Ester, Emmanuel and Elija.

The family, who have been challenged by social and financial barriers and pressures, received the welcomed news from An Hour for Others, as they pledged to transform the families current living space.

Thanks to the support of An Hour for Others, a local charity dedicated to bringing positive change to Liverpool, Conceillia and her children found a sense of community and belonging.

After witnessing years of progress, the charity joined forces with the Group to transform the children’s bedrooms.

 “I remember years ago when I used to watch house makeover programs, I would always wish I could get my kids bedrooms done but I knew it was something I couldn’t afford. When I found out we would get help for the bedrooms, I cried from joy – it’s truly like a dream come true.” – Conceillia.

Over the course of three days, a collaborative effort between Group partners Sovini Construction, Sovini Property Services and Sovini Waste Solutions made Conceillia’s dream a reality. Removing all previous furnishings, painting the rooms and providing new furniture, including beds, wardrobes and soft furnishings, the Group created a safe space for the children to thrive.

“Having a safe space to call their own will have a massive impact on their education, on their sleep and their lives as a whole. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much to The Sovini Group and we hope this is the beginning of a relationship that can have a real positive impact on the Liverpool community.” – An Hour for Others

This incredible act of community spirit goes beyond the transformation of two bedrooms, with An Hour for Others estimating a social value contribution of £75,660 for the local community, demonstrating the power of working in unity towards a better future.

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