Each colleague plays a vital part in delivering our overall mission of creating opportunities and changing lives. As part of this mission, we are committed to creating long-lasting social value, and Katie Lees embodies this commitment within her role as Value for Money Officer (VFM).

As the North West’s largest integrated supply chain within the housing sector, we create lasting impacts on the communities we proudly serve. Our dedication to ethical business practices and sustainability sets us apart, as we trailblaze towards our commitment to net-zero carbon.

Katie Lees, our esteemed Value for Money Officer (VFM), encapsulates this dedication within her role at the Group. Appointed over six months ago, following a long-standing career as an Executive Assistant, her journey towards maximising social value is well underway.

“One of my key objectives is maximising social value. Following a six-month review, we introduced Social Value Champions within each business area, implemented new processes and are collaborating with our internal and external supply chain to support our social value aspirations.”

six female colleagues at social value awards ceremony


An integral part of her role consists of providing value for money updates across the Group, which are invaluable to ensure competitivity and sustainability in an ever-changing sector.

“The team has provided mid-year value for money updates to our Boards, revamped both One Vision Housing and Pine Court Housing Association’s websites with VFM information and developed trackers, which positively impacts the culture across the Group. Furthermore, I am part of various networking groups and collaborate with like-minded organisations to make a positive impact to the communities we work in.”

Looking to the future, Katie is focused on reviewing the Value for Money strategy, collaborating to produce end-of-year social value impact reports and action plans to adapt to the evolving needs of the Group.

 “Given our unique Group model and growing supply-chain, the Group will share innovative ideas to provide practical solutions for like-minded organisations seeking to enhance their social value, whilst continually improving business performance to the benefit of customers and communities.”

Katie’s role exemplifies the impact our people have as we work collaboratively to create opportunities and change lives across the North West and beyond.

Through Discover our Purpose, we’ll be sharing more colleague case studies, highlighting how their contribution counts as we strive for a better future.