Every colleague is instrumental in our mission of creating opportunities and changing lives. Throughout the Group are dedicated Health and Safety teams, who secure the safety of their colleagues in a variety of ways.

Leading the way in Health and Safety at Amianto Services is James Arkwright, Health, Safety and Quality Manager. Asbestos removal is a high-risk, yet essential part of construction, making James’ role all the more vital.

Stepping into the Asbestos industry in 2001, James began his journey as a Trainee Analyst. He then progressed into surveying and project management, before advancing into more senior roles as he completed his NEBOSH and Certificate of Competence qualifications.

His wide range of experience secured him the role of Health, Safety and Quality Manager for Amianto Services in 2021, supporting him to propel the success of the Health and Safety team to new heights.

“My aim is to ensure we continuously strive to improve our Health, Safety and Quality processes, whilst maintaining a positive and transparent workplace culture.”

Within his current role, James is responsible for advising management of relevant changes in HSE legislation, codes of practice and industry standards. He investigates and records any accidents, ensures risk assessments are regularly reviewed and evaluates personal air monitoring statistics to adjust Anticipated Exposure Rates.

James’ role is a perfect example of how each colleague contributes to our integrated supply chain, supporting our social and commercial businesses to build a better future.

“The work we do at Amianto Services supports teams across The Sovini Group to carry out their roles without risk of exposure to asbestos. This allows us to upgrade our homes and enrich the lives of our customers and those throughout our communities.”

Looking to the future, James plans to continue his studies, aiming to obtain the WAMITAB qualification for Hazardous Waste and a qualification in Passive Fire Protection.

In the short-term, he will continue to drive Health, Safety and Quality transparency within Amianto Services and foster a positive, safe working environment for his colleagues.

Through Discover our Purpose, we’ll be sharing more colleague case studies, highlighting how their contribution counts as we strive for a better future.