The Sovini Group are committed to procuring the best services and products for our customers, at the best value. We ensure procurement across the Group is open, fair and transparent.

Quotes and Tenders: Financial Regulations

As our Group is made up of both public sector and private/commercial companies we apply procurement procedures according to company status.

Financial Thresholds: The Sovini Group – Registered Providers

The Registered Providers within our Group are subject to the Public Procurement Rules.

We ensure that we conduct our procurement process in accordance to the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015. This procurement is only applicable to our registered housing providers and the Procurement team are committed to competitively tendering contracts over a certain threshold via the Find a Tender Service (FTS). Current FTS thresholds can be found by clicking on the Find a Tender Service (FTS) link below.

In addition to Public Procurement Rules, we procure in accordance with our Financial Regulations which maintain a defined set of procurement thresholds for Registered Providers.

The following thresholds are applied:

Gross Purchase Order/Contract Value
Procurement Requirement
Up to £10,000 By Procurement Card or Official Purchase Order
Orders of £10,000.01 to £75,000 3 Written Quotations from an Approved Supplier list (if supplier is not approved – consultation with the Procurement Team required)
Orders of £75,000.01 onwards Formal Tender via a Procurement approved E-Procurement Tool.

Financial Thresholds: The Sovini Group – Commercial Companies

The commercial companies are not governed by the same public procurement rules, but the same principles of openness, transparency and honesty are adopted.

You can find our contracts advertised in the following places:

Tender opportunities over £25k for Registered Providers and over £100k for Commercial Companies are posted on the Delta e-sourcing website. Delta e-sourcing is free to register and once registered you will receive automatic electronic notifications of opportunities that may be of interest to you. If you are already registered on this portal, please ensure your account details are kept up to date.

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