At The Sovini Group, we pride ourselves on achieving excellence throughout our procurement activities to deliver value for money to our customers as well as building excellent relationships with our contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers. Our supply chain plays a significant role in providing goods, services and works to all our Group members which consists of registered providers and commercial companies.

To work with The Sovini Group, and its members, we require all our suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to demonstrate the highest level of quality including corporate social responsibility and health & safety.

To join our expanding supply chain we require our sub-contractors to obtain a valid SSIP Accreditation. It is also a mandatory requirement for all our suppliers and sub-contractors to hold a valid insurance certificate.

As part of your registration to join our supply chain the questionnaires will reference all policies outlined below. Please ensure that you have read all policies carefully before submitting.

Policies for The Sovini Group:

Once your application has been approved regular audits will be carried out on all suppliers and sub-contractors to verify compliance when providing goods, services and works to the group.

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