Employee wellbeing and development remain at the forefront of our priorities as we mark the revival of the annual appraisal.

Appraisals have long been a successful, tried and tested method for analysing employee performance. With feedback obtained from both manager and employee, the review is designed to highlight achievements, identify necessary improvements and discuss plans for the future.

A 2019 study, conducted by global cloud HR software provider Cezanne HR, found that one in four (24%) of UK employees had never had a performance review, with those that had citing a need for a renewed focus on career opportunities, training and future goals.

At the Group, appraisals are an integral part of our People and Learning team’s approach to employee development. Christina Forshaw, Learning and Development Manager, shared with us the importance of appraisals, why we conduct them, what they entail and how they help to shape our award-winning company culture.

Appraisals are designed to assess employee performance and assist with mapping out aspirations for the coming year.

They provide an opportunity for a positive, yet honest and open conversation surrounding the employee’s performance, behaviour and career goals, in addition to identifying any areas for improvement. Employees can reflect on the previous 12-months and feel a sense of pride for what they have achieved as their managers recognise their hard work.  

By conducting performance reviews, the Group is able to identify skill gaps to ensure the workforce remains competent and skilled. They also provide a platform to discuss employee wellbeing, which contributes to our positive workplace culture that places our employees at the heart of everything we do.

Our appraisals focus on the employee’s future goals and how we can support to achieve them, whether it be through further training and mentorship or other methods, such as job shadowing and secondments.

Where possible, the Group aims to promote from within, with 94 individuals securing promotions in 2023/24. The appraisals support us with identifying who is best placed to secure these opportunities, directly contributing to our mission of creating opportunities and changing lives.

The reviews consist of discussions concerning employee performance over the previous 12-months, personal development needs, plans for the future, and how to achieve these.

Colleagues are scored on general competencies, such as time management, teamwork, communication, technical ability and more, with both the manager and employee providing a score for comparison.

This year, the process evolved to include values-based competencies. Our core values of success, passion, authenticity, courage and enterprise serve as guiding principles for our day-to-day work and lie at the heart of our workplace culture and success. Employees will be scored on how they live our values and integrate them into their roles.

We’re looking forward to the commencement of the appraisal season, and to discover how the discussions, and any emerging trends, will shape the future of our workplace culture.

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