We as a Group, provide a wealth of opportunities for our colleagues, through our mission to create opportunities and change lives.

With that purpose in mind, the Group is delighted to announce Mike Dale as the new Operations Director for Sovini Property Services and Teal Scaffold.

Mike joined the award-winning Group in 2021 and has proven to be a valuable asset, demonstrating his expertise and leadership skills.

Since then, he has progressed from the Head of Property Services & Growth for Sovini Property Services to his newly appointed role as Operations Director.

Mike Dale says: “The new role at the Group will allow me to continue to build upon partnerships and collaboration which deliver social value to our customers and communities through services which provide affordable, quality and sustainable homes.”

“I recognise the importance of our integrated supply chain and wider partnerships which are essential in achieving our vision of a better future, through the development of vibrant communities.”

“Social value will remain centric to our operations and providing excellent services which all of our customers deserve.” Mike added.

In 2023, Sovini Property Services successfully secured a place on the £1.2 billion repairs and maintenance framework in the social housing sector, creating avenues for both new and existing employees to engage in meaningful employment opportunities.

Teal Scaffold were formed in 2018 when the Group identified an opportunity to develop their unique end-to-end supply chain. It’s since seen growth from internal progression to securing external works and will continue to provide a quality and efficient service to clients across the North West.

Anita Spencer, Group Chief Business Officer said: “We are delighted to have Mike as the new Operations Director for Sovini Property Services and Teal Scaffold. He will continue to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to these companies which will further strengthen our integrated supply chain. The Operations Director will be instrumental in contributing to the positive impact we continue to make for our colleagues, customers and communities.”

The Group continues to fulfil its mission of creating opportunities and changing lives for its employees, through its empowering, trusting, and world-renowned culture.