How We Work

STS veterans

Across the Group we have provided job opportunities for a number of armed forces veterans. In 2015 Sovini Trade Supplies recruited two local ex-servicemen initially on a voluntary basis.

They are now both full-time employees and are thriving in their roles.

Customer Service Advisor Peter Collins, who had served in the armed forces from the age of 16, left the Royal Logistics Core in 2000 after 22 years of service. He said: “I was in a very sad place after being made redundant from my job as a school bursar.

Having a job is what keeps me and most ex-servicemen going; giving us routine and helping us to reintegrate back into ‘the real world’.

I’m extremely grateful to Sovini Trade Supplies – I’m really enjoying working here.”

Sovini Charities

Together with an ongoing commitment to philanthropy, Sovini helps charities through working partnerships providing direct access to our award-winning central services.

The Pride of Sefton

Pride of Sefton began life in 1982 when the Pride of Sefton 1 canal boat was launched by HRH Prince Charles and the late Diana Princess of Wales.
With support from The Sovini Group they are able to operate free trips to disadvantaged individuals as educational trips for the local community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR isn’t just a concept we have adopted. It defines all we stand for as a business. CSR is seen as an integral part of our core corporate strategy, with responsibilities and accountability being assigned at all appropriate levels of the organisation.
We recycle approximately 97% of our office and commercial waste, while 97% of all our construction waste is diverted from landfill (Internal KPI Report 2017/18). This compares favourably with the WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) of 80%.

Social Value

In order to effectively assess the actual and potential social, environmental and economic impacts of our decisions and activities we adopted the HACT Wellbeing Evaluation Approach. This provides a set of robust values and a methodology to calculate our social impact.

During 2017/18 The Sovini Group generated £33m in social value. This means that for every pound we invested during the year on projects such as the One Vision Housing’s employment skills programme Next Steps, Pine Court Housing Association’s Community Development Fund and our volunteer work placements, our communities benefited to the value of £24. The figures were measured independently by the HACT Social Value Toolkit and account for just some of the initiatives we have delivered. Only a handful of organisations have successfully achieved the required certification to use the Toolkit.