An overview of our impressive employee perks:

  • The Hub co-working space
  • OurSpace employee app
  • Agile working
  • Sovini Games
  • Sovini Juniors
  • Voluntary positions on the Pride of Sefton canal boat
  • Health and wellbeing programme


In June 2023, The Hub opened its door to colleagues as the Group’s co-working space.

What makes The Hub so special, and sets it apart from other agile working spaces, is that is has been designed by u,s and you can feel that from the moment you step foot inside. Our talented design team worked tirelessly to create a relaxed, productive hub that is buzzing with our unique culture and the sound of creative colleagues connecting.

Take a look inside The Hub HERE.


Sovini Juniors

The Sovini Juniors club welcomes the young people of the Group. We have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews who are part of our growing club. Our juniors benefit from half-term clubs, discos, competitions and themed events. All of course are free!


OurSpace – our employee app

Colleagues benefit from a dedicated employee app. OurSpace receives 10,000 visits on average each week. The app is perfect to keep up-to-date with industry changes and Group wide news, plus social communication with colleagues too. Employees can hear about competitions and wellness walks, challenges and social events on the app.

Our colleagues love to post on the app too, sharing milestone birthdays, births, weddings and new team starters.

Health and Wellbeing 

Colleagues have the unique opportunity to participate in a wide variety of initiatives and programmes; from exercise classes to mindfulness and meditation programmes.

Our colleagues are our biggest asset, so we continually promote positive Health and Wellbeing.

The Group boasts The Good Vibe Tribe, a talented group of Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors from across all of our sectors who support the positive health and wellbeing of employees.

Employees can seek support and guidance from our qualified Mental Health Champions.

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