Procurement at Sovini

The group offers numerous opportunities for local and national organisations to work with us, and so we will often advertise our requirements through tenders.

We believe that effective partnership working can lead to improved services for our customers, helping to drive advances in expertise and technology and encouraging value for money through competitive tendering.

Further information about the type of services we procure and how you can become a supplier or partner can be found here.

Here are some of the characteristics which make for successful partnership working:

  • Individual Excellence – our partners have something of value to contribute and are good at their business
  • Importance – our partners share major strategic objectives with ourselves so they want to make the partnership work
  • Interdependence – Our organisation and our partners have complementary skills. We cannot do separately what we can achieve together.
  • Investment – Our partners are willing to invest long term and are willing to commit resources – in terms of time, people and/or money. They also support our vision and values to invest not only in homes but in communities and neighbourhoods as well
  • Information – Our partners are willing to share information and we have an open relationship
  • Integration –  our partners develop linkages and shared ways of doing things
  • Integrity – our partners behave in an honourable way and follow our Code of Conduct for partners and service standards.

We believe that SME’s should play a greater role in our procurement processes, and we’re keen to hear from any SME’s who can offer new and exciting solutions to our systems or services. The Sovini Procurement Team has made it easier for SME’s to obtain tender information, by advertising tenders through

For more detailed information take a look at our related links and documents.

For more information about our Procurement strategy, or to apply to become a supplier to the Sovini Group contact the Sovini Procurement Team