We bring like-minded organisations together to support each other, achieve better value for money, improve quality of service and exceed the expectations of our customers and wider stakeholders.

Our innovative and sustainable business model helps create the financial capacity to build and maintain high quality social housing and ensure the sustainability of our communities.

A virtuous circle

Our Group model is simple but effective. Our not-for-profit partners commission services from the commercial enterprises within the Group. Profits can then be gift-aided back to the registered providers, helping us achieve our aims. It is a virtuous circle, securing business for our commercial partners and ultimately increasingly the supply of affordable housing.

Since we were established in 2011 around £19m has been invested in the registered providers within the Group by our commercial partners.

To date, our registered providers have invested millions with the support of the Group. Up to 750 new homes are scheduled to be built within the next 5 years.