The Sovini Group helps tackle plastic problem

The Sovini Group has eliminated all non-recyclable products from its in-house bistro.

The bistro, based at Atlantic House in Bootle, is open to the company’s 700 plus strong workforce and external customers.

Open from 7.30am to 2pm between Monday and Friday, the bistro serves breakfast, lunch and snacks to hundreds of customers on a daily basis.

The bistro has undergone the process of eliminating all single-use plastics over the last few months.

The initiative was put into action following employee feedback from a recent staff survey.

Plastic straws, cutlery, takeaway trays, salad and yoghurt pots have all been swapped for recyclable or biodegradable products.

Likewise, non-recyclable takeaway drinks cups and lids have been phased out and replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Gaynor Robinson, The Sovini Group’s Operations Director for Finance, said: “The Sovini Group is a growing organisation with an expanding workforce. With the turnover of the bistro increasing it is vital we take every measure possible to mitigate our environmental impact and eliminate non-recyclable waste from our operations.”

The Sovini Group is committed to reducing its environmental and has attained the internationally recognised Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.