The Sovini Group step up to back Carragher Fitbit project

A famous face paid a visit to The Sovini Group head office as we supported a project to tackle childhood obesity.

Former Liverpool footballer Jamie Carragher was launching the ‘Watch us Get Fit’ project after receiving funding from The Sovini Group.

The project, operated by the Jamie Carragher Sports & Learning Academy in Bootle, will be launched to 10 primary schools across Liverpool, Sefton and Lancashire and benefit around 400 children.

Funding from The Sovini Group has paid for 250 Fitbit watches and taster sessions for schools in the region.

Children will wear the Fitbits around their wrist and monitor how many steps they take and how many calories they are burning.

They will use the Fitbits during a range of activities, with the goal to cover between 10-12 miles over a six week period.

Roy Williams, CEO of The Sovini Group, said: “We think it’s a fantastic initiative and we’re happy to support it. Anyone can get involved regardless of ability. I think it’s something that could be rolled out across the country as a way of getting kids active.”

The programme also educates children about nutrition and offers a unique way to learn about subjects such as history and geography.

Carragher said: “It ties in with maths in terms of counting their steps and geography in terms of how long it takes to go from one place to another.

“It’s great in terms of the kids’ education and it’s important physically as well.”

Sean Williams, Head Coach at the Jamie Carragher Sports & Learning Academy added: “Figures show that one in three kids leave Year 6 obese and we want to do something about that.

“The kids are competing against themselves. When they hit their target, which is about 16 miles over a 12-week course, they get given a free trip to the Academy.”