The Sovini Group comprises both not-for-profit, and commercial enterprises, and its purpose is to bring together complementary organisations which have similar values and aspirations in both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors.

Our Group

Sovini Ltd – is a non-profit making Co-operative and Community Benefit Society, which acts as the Group parent and provides central services to all Group partners.

One Vision Housing (OVH) – is a non-profit making, charitable, registered provider of social housing operating in Merseyside, managing over 13,000 homes.

Pine Court Housing Association (PCHA) – is a non-profit making, charitable, registered provider of social housing. Pine Court is a specialist BME landlord, operating in both Liverpool and Wirral. PCHA own and manage 454 homes.

Sovini Property Services – is a maintenance and construction company providing maintenance, construction and new development services for the Sovini Group organisations.

Sovini Building and Maintenance – a commercial, profit making, maintenance and construction company providing maintenance, construction and new development services to clients outside of the Group.

Sovini Trade Supplies – a site supplier and timber specialist of choice; offering a ‘one stop shop’ for house builders, contractors and subcontractors working, with local delivery services scheduled to meet business and programme needs.

Sovini Homes – offering complete new build construction services across a range of different sectors.

Sovini Developments – provides new build construction services to the Registered Providers within the Group.