Throughout the Group we are committed to creating lasting legacies in the communities we serve, be it creating employment opportunities or looking after the environment.

We take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) extremely seriously and recognise that we can play an important role in contributing towards growth and sustainability.

We work within the ISO 26000 framework for Social Responsibility, to ensure we act in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society.

We aim to conduct business in an ethical manner and we seek to improve the regions where we work. This may involve creating jobs, working with local enterprises or making the area more aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, we’re dedicated to having a presence in our communities and we encourage our people to get involved as much as they can.

The Board is committed to ensuring that Sovini has a targeted approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, which is accessible and transparent to all employees, customers and stakeholders.

For the latest information on CSR within the Sovini Group, please take a look at our annual report here.