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National award for Group model

The Sovini Group has been praised for our unique partnership approach to repairs and maintenance.

We were awarded Most Innovative Repairs & Maintenance Scheme at the Housing Innovation Awards 2017 at a ceremony last week.

The judges extoled the virtues of our collaborative Group approach and singled out our major investment in our retirement accommodation as a shining example.

Margaret Allen, Associate Director at Savills, said: “The Sovini Group have adopted a really good approach to improving and maintaining their elderly accommodation.

“By using the strength of the Group they’re able to draw upon different levels of technical expertise across Group members to provide a first class overhaul system for the elderly accommodation.

“That gives something which is both inclusive and sympathetic to the needs of the residents because it talks to the users as well as the suppliers and brings it all in house.”

Our collaborative Group model incorporates all Group members working together for the benefit of our customers.

The investment in our retirement accommodation includes dementia friendly makeovers of the properties to them make brighter, more attractive and easier for the residents to navigate.

The Sovini Group CEO Roy Williams said: “The ongoing success of the refurbishment project and the effect it has had on residents is testament to the collaborative Group approach we have adopted to providing a service that goes beyond repairs and maintenance.”

To view the judges’ comments in full click here Housing Innovation 2017

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